Krown Aerosol Multi-Pack (3 Pack)

Krown Aerosol Multi-Pack (3 Pack)

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Get the best of Krown's lineup with the aerosol mult-pack. In one package receive, Krown Rust Protection - Rust Inhibitor © our flagship product, The Solution - Fast Acting Penetrant © and our ever popular Salt Eliminator ©. 

Package Includes:

Krown Rust Protection - Rust Inhibitor ©
To protect metal from rust, a barrier must be created and maintained between the metal and the surrounding elements, especially moisture. This product is designed to create a barrier that can't be broken, chipped or cracked. By staying fluid, our petroleum based rust protection heals back over after any abrasions providing lasting protection, even in extreme conditions. Featuring inverta-spray technology, this Krown 400g aerosol can lets you apply our industry leading rust protection to vehicles, machinery, electrical connections and even hard to reach areas around the home and worksite. 

Fast Acting Penetrant ©
Every workshop needs a safe, fast and effective penetrating oil, The Solution meets the needs of the consumer while meeting the requirements of our environment. The Solution Penetrant is solvent free making it extremely safe both for the user and the environment without giving an inch when it comes to performance. Krown’s revolutionary fast-acting hydro carbon formula allows this oil-based product to penetrate and release any seized, rusted or frozen part. Because there is no evaporation, The Solution will also leave behind a protective coating making it very useful in any application.

Salt Eliminator ©
Originally developed for professional applications on vehicles, this specialty product is being used by auto dealerships, body shops, car washes and automotive detailers from coast to coast. Eliminate salt stains like a pro with MR35 Salt Eliminator. 


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