1 Gallon Salt eliminator

Krown Salt Eliminator (1 Gallon)

  • $5400

Salt Eliminator is a new formula designed to combat harmful road deicing liquids and other salts that build-up on steel causing aggressive corrosion. Salt Eliminator lives up to its name by pulling salt away from the metal surface, allowing it to be rinsed away. 

Salt Eliminator rinses to a beaded shine on vehicle surfaces. This versatile product can also be combined with water on carpets to remove salt build-up and staining. Get the same great results from Salt Eliminator in its convenient 400g aerosol can.


  • Easily rinses to a beading, waxy finish
  • Removes even heavy salt build up quickly and easily
  • Reduces surface rust
  • Can be used in any wash system
  • Designed for heavy duty applications
  • Contains no solvents, NPEs or VOCs

Remove salt and nitrates from road deicers, trucks and trailers, cars, potash and salt mine equipment, farm fertilizers, golf course equipment, carpets, boats, motors, pumps, and many more.

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